Herbie's head shave

By Max Herbert

I'm fundraising for CanTeen Aotearoa!


When cancer crashes into the lives of rangatahi and their whānau, CanTeen is there to help.

CanTeen is the only organisation in Aotearoa dedicated to providing tailored support for rangatahi impacted by cancer. They support 13-24 year-olds dealing with their own cancer diagnosis, a close family member’s cancer, or the death of a loved one.

​CanTeen provides:

  • Connections with other rangatahi in similar situations, through events, programmes, and camps.
  • Free one-on-one support and counselling.
  • Specialist online support communities for rangatahi (and parents!).
  • Rangatahi development through leadership programmes and financial grants. 


Thank you for your generous support and for helping CanTeen ensure that rangatahi never have to face cancer alone. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jen Gaughan

Good for you Max! The difference you’ll be making is in no way small. 🥰


Tina & Scotty Herbert

Proud of you bud 🥰


The Dornies

Go Max. "You can do it!"


Brenda & Derek Caanagh

Go Max! Well done.


The Wheelers

Awesome job Max!


Maria Wake

Nice work Max. Great cause.


Zoe Xx

Proud of you max! Can't say I won't miss the mullet but it's for a great cause and you can always grow it back 😄



Super proud of you bro, what a legend xxx


Chris Miller

Good on you Max


Max Herbert


Belinda Leen

Good on you max




Emily Harris

Good luck!!!


Calad Twohig

Gooo luck herbie much love the one and only xx


Cassidy Brunel

good luck

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